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Purchase FDA Approved Home Urine Drug Test Kits - Accurate and Easy to Use Tests - Instant Results. Your search for "C" (all types) returned 268 results. Analysis Code: Test Name: 6108B: Cadmium Exposure Profile (OSHA), Blood: 6108U: Cadmium Exposure Profile (OSHA ... Print Entire Test Directory Disclaimer: Clicking the button above will compile the latest version of our test directory into a roughly 400 page long PDF document. Information about routine to specialty testing for the primary care practice.

Amphetamines Drug Test. Amphetamine. is a schedule 2 controlled substance according to the Controlled Substance Act. It can be obtain through a prescription in such ... AAA: View Details: Amino Acid Analysis, Quantitative, Urine : AAUQ: View Details: Amino Acids Quantitative, CSF : Amino Acids, Quantitative, Cerebrospinal Fluid; CSF ...

Page 1 of 1783 Test Directory Wednesday soma 100 October 18, 2017 *PLEASE NOTE: Requirements subject to change. Any questions please contact the specimen handling department ... HELP with Urine Drug Screening! directly confirmed on the LCMS. What is proper coding? A: Currently, Medicare and private payers require the same codes to report ... Detox pass a drug test - general information on detoxing and passing of a drug test. Test Directory Limited to specimen & container type/collection procedure 2361 items. #