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Krossen Archery (5) MAC (1) ... Fivics Soma Neonine Tab. Learn More. VIEW. In Stock. ... Fivics Joomong Finger Tabs. Learn More. VIEW. In Stock.

Top of the range finger tab from Soma. Forces better shooting technique by controlling excessive force at the hooking finger and back of the hand. Please be sure to ... Similar to the original Saker 2, the Soma Fivics Saker 1 tab has all the same characteristics with the palm shape for those archers who find the Saker 1 right for ... Soma Joomong-1 Finger Tab is injection molded to reduce the cost, whilst the leather continues to be good quality. It is a well put together tab, and has a thumb rest ...

Fivics Saker 1 tab The original A very popular tab a lot of newer tabs seem be more adjustable but this tab just works A really good design which

This is the latest top quality tab from Soma Fivics. Its revolutionary design makes this tab a cut above the rest. The chin rest also doubles as a thumb rest ...

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The third tab in the popular Fivics Saker line soma medical school as used by many of the world's top archers. Based on the Saker tab, the Joomong tab offers a similar design but with leather face material and a cast body (colours vary), giving a much lower cost. english